Rally Information & Dates 2019

Rally dates for 2019 are:

Rally 1: 16th Feb
Rally 2: 9th March
Rally 3: 13th April 
Rally 4: 18h May
Rally 5: 8th June
Rally 6: 20th July
Rally 7: 17th August
Rally 8: 21st September
Rally 9: 12th October
16th November – Fun Day and AGM


Members are offered two lessons, generally one Flatwork and one Show Jumping or Cross Country, (although it is sometimes possible to organise 2 flatwork or 2 jumping lessons).  A Mounted Games or Cross Country class can be arranged if there is enough interest, and we also ask you put your suggestion to any Committee member if you are interested in something different.
There are generally 4 riders in each rally group, and our current regular instructors are Elisabeth Behringer, Jill Wood, Dianne Ould, Anne Battley and Wendy Boyle.  Riders nominate and pay for rallies month by month.

Guests and Waitlisters should see the Waitlist/Guest Resources tab for rally registration information.

Rally Registration:
Please email your preference to Sheryl at peelmetroarc@gmail.com, stating preferences for one lesson in flatwork and one lesson in jumping.

Flatwork Levels:

Walk/trot (previously named beginner) – this class ONLY involves walk and trot, you will not be required to canter.
Walk/trot/canter level 1 (emerging) – this class is for those who are happy to begin cantering or who are not established in all paces.
Walk/trot/canter level 2 (established) – this class is for those that are confident in all three paces.

Jumping Levels:  poles – 30cms, up to 45cms, up to 60cms or over 60cms

Payment for rallies can only be made via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into the Club’s Bank Account Friday week before the Rally date – all details about the Rally can be obtained from the Information file on the Member’s page.  When emailing your registration please include a copy of the receipt to confirm payment.

The rally fee is $40 for members & $65 for non-members who are guests from our wait list.