Peel Metropolitan Adult Riders was founded in 2011 and exists to bring like-minded people together to learn, socialize and support each other in the spirit of ‘have a go.’ We aim to cater for, and be accepting of, a broad range of riders of all skill levels and diverse interests, with a wide variety of mounts.

The Committee exists to run the Club for the benefit of all the members. If you have suggestions to make, please don’t hesitate to have a chat with one of the 2019 Committee listed below:

President: Aileen Dooley
Vice President and Membership Officer: Gillian Bailey
Treasurer: Jurgen Steinert
Secretary: Samantha Sparrowhawk

Committee Members:
Rally Co-Ordinator: Sheryl Elliott

Safety Officer: Pauline Connaughton
Uniform Person: Brian Brown
Website person: Cassandra Nixon

Non Committee Positions:
Caren Earl and Jenny Stamp will act as ARCA representatives.

Committee meetings for 2019 will be held monthly and dates will be decided at the previous meeting, then advised by email to Committee members.